Monday, 1 October 2018

Common Steps involved in roof restoration

Roof restoration is a step by step process which requires professional care and diligence at each step. Relying on common DIY roof restoration methods can be highly risky if you do not know the extent of damage caused to your roof or if you have no experience about it. It is always a wise decision to ask a professional roof restoration contractor to do your roof repair. You can contact companies like in this regard. Here are some of the common steps involved in roof restoration services:

Roof inspections:

The process of roof restoration starts with an initial assessment of the roof. You can accompany the contractor in this step to perform an end-to-end walking assessment of roof. The roof damages are usually present in form of cracks and flaking paint areas. Broken nails and space between the gables also indicate severe roof damage. A roof inspection is a critical step and it is important to wear safety gear while inspecting the roof so that you can be protected from any serious injuries. 

Roof cleaning and prep:

The next step after completing roof inspection is to prepare the roof for repairs. In this process, the roof is cleaned by washing it with high-pressure hose. The high pressure removes dirt, debris, and grime from the roof surface. Aside from roof surface, cleaning of gutters and associated water channels is also important. Cleaning of the roof will offer you a better view of all the damages and cracks present in the water channels or roof surface.

Roof cleaning also has another major advantage. You can check for leaks during the application of high-pressure water. Any leak in the roof surface or water channels can be detected and fixed later on. A clean roof also helps in the coating and fixing steps of roof restoration.

Initial roof repairs and re-bedding:

Roof repairs and re-bedding are a part of the most critical step of roof restoration. The broken and damaged roof sections are replaced with matching material and tiles in order to restore the strength and outlook of the roof. Workmanship and handling of damaged areas witch excellence are required in order to perform repairs exactly as needed. Roof rebidding extends to the re-pointing of any loose or misplaced gales, caps or valleys on the roof.

Chemical treatment:

Once the repairs are made on the roof, primers and sealants are added to seal any leaks and reinforce the structure. Chemical treatment involves the application of a roof protectant coat which protects the roof parts such as metal sheets and tiles from weather damages. Acrylic primers help in giving a smoother and shiny outlook to the roof.

Painting and clean up:

After chemical treatment, painting of gables is done. Gables are hand painted by expert roof restoration professionals. The paint fills any gaps which may be left during the repair step. Paints provide an even outlook of the roof and add aesthetic value.

Final inspections of the roof are made and any residues are cleaned to complete roof restoration.